Living in a city so rich and diverse in culture and the arts, it seemed as though there was a real opportunity to help the people of Swansea and surrounding areas embrace this, by establishing a ‘hub’ where the community could come together to develop skills and be helped toward a goal of either improving in their chosen field or in some cases, being able to seriously consider a future doing something they loved.

Being a musician for many years, as it is famously difficult to generate a healthy income from this, I started my first management role at the age of 18; looking after a team of 15 in a well-known mobile network provider. From here I gained an interest in effective people management, moving between multiple disciplines and environments including running a local bar whereby MAD were able to work in conjunction with this and facilitate events (using borrowed equipment) to raise enough money to purchase our own equipment and then subsequently to be able to hold events to raise money for local charities as well.  Moving on from this to be able to get the rubber stamp for my experiential learning and to gain further yet experience, I complete a Master’s in Business and Administration with UWTSD and am currently a Manager at a ‘Grass Roots’, independently run, Swansea based Research Organisation.

Critical Leadership / Project Management / Recruitment Liaison / Consultancy / Human Resources / Budget Forecasting / Active Listening (“Holding the Silence”)