I studied Music Technology in college from 2008-2011, and then began volunteering with Swansea MAD in September 2011. Since that time, I’ve designed, overseen the construction of and built the acoustic treatment for our recording facilities, I’ve managed the day to day workings of these facilities, and through our recording, rehearsal and engineering services developed working relationships with both local and international artists. I also designed and built a previous iteration of the company website and provided audio editing and mixing services internally where needed for other parts of the company, including the video editing staff and a podcast produced internally. I also provided external location recording services when needed.

The world is scary. There are huge, systemic, seemingly unfathomable problems that hurt the people I love and make me feel utterly powerless. I don’t know how to tackle them. I don’t know how to help with them. So I try to do the only way I can think of, help people one at a time on an individual basis however I can, try to pay forward everything anyone’s done for me over the years.

Audio engineering, including recording and acoustic design / Music production / Film and digital technology