We take digital interactive to the next level.

We create a wide range of digital media content and bring it to life with cutting edge interactive technologies.  From rich and highly engaging e-learning solutions to virutal reality experiences. 

Multimedia for multi devices.

With most of your audience using mobile devices we build for mobile and up to ensure everything looks and interacts as it should on as many devices as possible.


E-learning for a new Era

Check out examples of how e-learning can engage with interactive modules. 



Interactive Video

Interactive video is still relatively rare because of costs, but now we can bring you interactive video even for those on smaller budgets. 

Interactive video is extremely powerful and engaging and can be used on almost any device.  So let your users decide when video plays and how it ends with using input that controls what happens next.

The video demo here will demonstrate a simple question which can send the user to different points in the video.  Please check back soon for more demos or contact us now for more information. 




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Virtual environments

We use a wide range of the latest technologies to bring you the most flexible array of virtual technology around to suit your needs and budget.   Bring learning ,  commerce, virtual experiences and play into a the new dimension of technology.  

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are multi-point panoramic photos that you can move between.  A tour could be just a single point as in the art gallery demo here or it could be multiple point,  like google street where your able to navigate the area.

 Real 3D Virtual Tours

Most VR tours are actually only 2D panoramic images projected on a 3D sphere.  They may look impressive with a VR headset on but they aren’t actually true 3D.  So even though what you see is at a distance,  there is no actual depth within the imagery.   We make Real 3D virtual tours so when using with a VR headset,  your fully immersed inside the environment,  not just viewing it from a distance. 

Actual 3D Virtual Environments

Actual 3D is a real-time rendered 3D world that you can truly walk around inside.   You can navigate like a game using keyboard controls and mouse or you can use a VR head set and actually walk around the environment as though you were there.   The benefit to actual 3D VR is that you can truly move your head around objects,  look around corners and interact with elements inside the environment.  

To control the demo here,  you can use your keyboard arrows and mouse to navigate.   Use the Esc key to relase the mouse back to the web browser. 




Digital E-learning Courses

Digital e-learning courses are essentially multiple lessons or activities that a learner progresses through to completion.  They can be as large or small as required. 

We can custom build how courses look for your specific branding requirements and content.

If you require tracking of your learners performance, no problem.  We can incorporate your courses into a LMS system for full tracking of feedback,  grading, achievements and automatic generation of certificates.