Evidence of Eligibility


We need evidence of your date of birth, national insurance number and your economic status.  You can send us photos (so long as they are clear),  screen shots or scans through email, whatsapp or another secure platform.  If you prefer you can bring your documents to our office at 216 Swansea High Street so that we can scan the documents for you.   Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help.   Call 07956 391 865 or email geraint@swanseamad.com.

Where should I send my documents?

We have created a highly secure mail box specially setup with the highest security settings to keep important documents safe.  Please email your documents directly to secure@swanseamad.com

Don’t have all the required documents to hand?

Don’t worry for now.  Send us what you do have, let us know what your missing and we will try and help get you activated.   

Where you can find the necessary evidence ?

Date of Birth

Birth certificate

Drivers licence

ID card

Govenment Gateway

National Insurance

NI Card


Government Gateway


Economic Status


Job center letter

Government Gateway