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We started MAD because Swansea was a cultural desert and we want MAD to be the oasis! I was born in Swansea and involved in local music the majority of my life since the early 1970s, helping to form the seminal Swansea punk band The Autonomes. Since then I have been involved in countless local bands in different styles and genres, writing and arranging songs, playing guitar and drums (not at the same time). I have written hit songs for bands such as the Poo Sticks and mentored countless bands along the way. Since the 1970s I have seen a lot of ideas and styles come and go but it always comes down to are people interested in what you are doing

What gets me up in the morning is knowing the wealth of talent that exists in Swansea and wanting to share that with the world.

Public speaking / Organising Gigs / Song Arrangement and Writing / Mentoring Bands


I became a trustee for Swansea Music Art Digital because I felt a strong connection with its founding principles and a deep admiration for the day-to-day work of its energetic and hardworking staff.

I live in sunny Swansea with my young daughter and partner. I am an English Coordinator at a local college and I also hold a teaching post at Swansea University’s Centre for Academic Success. I began my working life with brief stints in fashion and sales before gaining a PGCE from Greenwich University in 2004. I had the privilege of starting my lecturing career at New City College, Tower Hamlets, where I witnessed inclusion policies successfully put into practice, creating a learning environment where young people felt safe, listened to, and able to meet their full potential. This has inspired me throughout my career.

I like to meet a challenge and I enjoy working with people. I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from all over the world through my work which has been a great source of joy and inspiration to me.

I have almost two decades of experience teaching English in FE and HE sectors, including the successful coordination of large programs of study including GCSE English Language. I am also an SpLD specialist.


I’m of Somali origin and was born and bred in Cardiff, Wales. I have a huge passion for equality and diversity but most importantly equal representation for Muslim women of colour like myself. I studied Health and Social Care at the undergraduate level and my Master’s in Public Health; both obtained from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I set up The Privilege Café as I was frustrated with the lack of diversity and couldn’t express myself as a woman of  colour in spaces filled with privilege. I’ve facilitated weekly sessions on Zoom covering various themes including mental health, ‘unconscious’ bias and privilege in the recruitment process. The level of engagement has been incredible and the speaker’s insight knowledge and expertise have brought nothing but positivity to all those who have attended the sessions. The Café is an open to all, it’s a safe space for all to engage, learn and to use their privilege for good: https://www.patreon.com/PrivilegeCafe


The majority of my career has been in Youth Work. I started as Youth Worker in 1998, doing over 40 hours of face-to-face Youth Work per week. I worked as a Project Leader for Sport, before managing a European Funded Project called SAVY (Skills Apprenticeships for Vulnerable Young People) which was award winning. I was then the Project Manager involved in developing Randomz, an award-winning Social Enterprise Academy which was recognised throughout Europe as a pioneer project. I also progressed through the London School of Social Entrepreneurs. I was then appointed Chief Executive Officer at the Cwmbran Centre for Young People and we were the first organisation throughout Wales to achieve the Gold Standard Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales. At present I run my own business; I am involved in Property, Mortgages, Lettings and Insurances. Luckily, I still get job satisfaction from helping young people find their first homes.

I just want young people to be happy – whatever it takes to make them happy, we as adults and professionals should do all we can to make this possible.

Management / Funding / Finance / Social Enterprise / Training / Youth Work

Swansea MAD are a dynamic organisation in an innovative sector, who are making and having a significant and positive impact on the local and wider community and on people’s lives. Volunteering as a board member is a privilege that allows me to not only support a thriving organisation and sector but also allows me to support the vibrant and inspirational team of staff at Swansea MAD. The whole ethos behind Swansea MAD is to help the community, to fight for social injustice, to support those who need it and to allow underrepresented individuals and groups a voice and a safe space. The small part I play in this hopefully helps the incredible team at Swansea MAD be in a position to provide this community support. My support of Swansea MAD is a small way that I can help to give back to the community I have 17 years’ experience is the Health and Well-being sector, 9 years’ experience in Senior Facilities Management and 3 years’ experience in the Training and Education sector, as well as being a multiple business owner.

I am passionate about my local community and want to help fight social injustice

Health and Well-being (physical and mental health) / Facilities Management (hard and soft services, total facilities management) / Operations Management / Training and Education / Business

I studied Music Technology in college from 2008-2011, and then began volunteering with Swansea MAD in September 2011. Since that time, I’ve designed, overseen the construction of and built the acoustic treatment for our recording facilities, I’ve managed the day to day workings of these facilities, and through our recording, rehearsal and engineering services developed working relationships with both local and international artists. I also designed and built a previous iteration of the company website and provided audio editing and mixing services internally where needed for other parts of the company, including the video editing staff and a podcast produced internally. I also provided external location recording services when needed.

The world is scary. There are huge, systemic, seemingly unfathomable problems that hurt the people I love and make me feel utterly powerless. I don’t know how to tackle them. I don’t know how to help with them. So I try to do the only way I can think of, help people one at a time on an individual basis however I can, try to pay forward everything anyone’s done for me over the years.

Audio engineering, including recording and acoustic design / Music production / Film and digital technology