>We use creativity for social change.

We are a youth and community charity driven by digital inclusion, the arts, social justice, heritage and the environment.  We create a wide range of digital content and media with people who share our values.  

What we do.

Passionate about digital inclusion, the arts, social justice and the environment, we make positive changes in our communities, by supporting people to be creative and to increase skills, knowledge and accessibility to feel like they can belong and achieve in their communities.


Our method.

To be part of a solution we believe that we need to connect with each other, the community and the planet; Convene a ‘new normal’; Listen and Communicate with our communities and Collaborate in new and innovative ways.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Swansea MAD for putting together an incredible video for me
to use for my Crowdfunding project for a vegan cafe. From the first conversation, I knew these were
the right people to work with, totally ethical in their outlook and very approachable and so easy to get
along with, as well as exceptionally reasonable rates. I couldn't recommend Swansea MAD highly
enough – Adam El Tagoury, Anna Loka